Implemented as a piece of coursework and expanded the original version did not require sound or extra control, this module I achieved 86% in so the coursework achieved well for a second year piece. I have kept expanding this to improve it as I implemented new classes.

System Requirements:

  • Intel Pentium 4 (1.6GHz)
  • 256MB Ram
  • OpenGL 1.4 Compatable Graphics Card
  • Keyboard or Xbox 360 Controller


  • 2 to 4 Players
  • Random Map
  • High Scores
  • Multiple Input Devices
  • Exciting Sound

Implementation Details

  • C++
  • OpenGL
  • DirectInput Control
  • FMOD Sound / OpenAL(Old Version used OpenAL available on request)
Source available on request


3D Pool Game, where two players can take turns to try to pot as many of there colour as possible. Has basic OpenGL lighting and was implemented using C++.

System Requirements:

  • Intel Pentium 4(2.0GHz)
  • 512mb Ram
  • OpenGL 1.4 Compatible Graphics Card

Skull Grab

This is a game I developed in the third year at University, it is worth noting because it was developed for the GameCube. It used a basic inverse kinematics arm that you had to put into the right position. I used the joypad to control an on screen cursor so you grabbed the hand and tried to put it in the correct position to catch the skulls that were thrown randomly from either side.

I greatly enjoyed working with the GameCube Dolphin SDK and spent a lot of time working on this project. Sadly I am unable to distribute the application due to licence issues.

Radioactive Puzzle

This is a group project I completed at the University of Hull that required a small team of 5 to make a game produce reports and documentation in relationship to it. Within this project I pair programmed with Stanley Haryoto, I specificly implemented Sound, High Scores and Texture loading as well as the installer. We also worked together to fix any bugs as quickly as possible on all the code. Reports were completed by the remaining members of the team.

  • Lee Purdy
  • Chris Aberscrombie-Smith
  • Stanley Haryoto
  • Thomas George Simmons
  • Stuart James
  • Alexander Van Steen

System Requirements:

.NET2.0 Requirements


Space Invaders

This is my Star Trek themed version of Space Invaders, the simple objective of Space Invaders is to kill the enemy before they get to you they move left and right dropping a small amount on contact with each side. In my implementation you have the option of bunkers selectable from the option menu. You can also change the key assignment from the standard Left Arrow Right Arrow and Space combination. There is also a difficulty setting to control the speed.

This was a University demo that I greatly enjoyed making introducing me to OpenGL with the .NET Tao library.

System Requirements:

.NET 2.0