Research Group

In 2010 I joined Dr John Collomosse's Research Group in CVSSP (Uni. of Surrey). Each year members come and go but, having been working with John for almost 4 years and a post-doc role to continue for another year or so this is the members of our group at the end of 2013

From left to right: Charles Gray, Jongdae Kim, Stuart James(Me), John Collomosse, Nazli FarajiDavar

Sketch based performance dance choreograph design

Exploring how we can create new synthetic cheorgraphy from archive dance performance footage. We develop an approach from free-hand depictions of human pose and action labels. We develope a novel way to search poses from low fidelity footage and synthesise a new video.

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Annotated Sketch based Video Retrieval

We define several approaches for Sketch based Video Retrieval including the traditional information facets such as shape,colour, direction as well as semantic annotations.Our algorithms use approaches including quantised space time volumes, and markov random fields.

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